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Your Photo For Patagonia Without Dams Friends in Chile have launched a brand new campaign action for all of us who support protecting rivers in Patagonia–Your Photo For Patagonia! The idea is that by each one of us sharing our photo, and putting our face with our vision of a Patagonia Without Dams–Patagonia Sin Represas–we can have an internet media and graphic celebration of the growing community of people who are working to defend Patagonia's Wild Rivers At Risk.

You can check out the rapidly growing Tu Rostro por Patagonia Sin Represas campaign action at the website that is being managed to collect ALL the photos from around Chile and around the world that people are sending in.

It is easy to take action and join the cheery smiling faces for Patagonia, just follow the following two step recipe:

1. Take a photo of yourself or your friends with a banner or a sticker or a poster or a tatoo or anything that says Patagonia Without Dams or Save Patagonia or Aysén Reserva de Vida or Patagonia Life Reserve–anything can work as having fun is the essence of the action! Then 2. Send the photo to the email address, and your photo will be added to the growing collage.

The goal is to put the action into circulation over the next two months (which is perfect coordination with our growing Home Depot Actions!) and show the world how many of us good people are out there and rallying for wild rivers at risk. So let's spread the action around!

Gary's Rostro X Patagonia Sin RepresasThis is a very fun action for lovers of Chile and Patagonia. It is a great way to practice your Spanish–or just go ahead and express your love for Patagonia's rivers in English! The important part is to celebrate the number and creativity of the people who are working for the protection of Patagonia from mega hydro development.

And as you can see by the photo, it is not like you have to be pretty or anything like that! Just have a big old calafate berry eating grin and let the world know that you put Tu Foto Por Patagonia Sin Represas!