Voices From Temacapulín

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Ian Elwood filming from the top of the basilica in Temaca

Walking the streets of Temacapulín with video camera in hand, a heavy burden began to settle on me. Everything I was seeing – the lively plaza, colorful houses, beautiful old stone church, and even the cemetery in the hills above town – would be hundreds of feet under water if El Zapotillo Dam is built.

Knowing that whole towns are routinely drowned for big dams and seeing it in person are two completely different things. This was the first time I had been in a place slated to be walled off behind a huge wall of concrete and flooded for all time. The experience is almost impossible to simulate, but I hope by seeing this short film you will see Temacapulín as I did: a beautiful place – worn by history and the sun – loved by the people who call it home.

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